I am a performer.

I have formation and experience dancing, playing, acting and singing on stage and on big screen.

I also have experience teaching dance, mime, compositional and performing tools to children, youngsters, university students, seniors.

I am a creator.

I have had experience choreographing and directing dance and theatre short pieces as well as complete spectacles.

I am a Researcher,

with a Bachelor in Social Sciences, I researched for years (I still do) about The Ritual Ceremony of Tinku, a body-to-body figth, mixed with religious believes in a symbiosis between Catholicism and Andean cosmo-vision, a rite of sacrifice and thankfulness to the mother –earth goddess, Pachamama. I had conducted minor research on other Andean rituals, such as Santa Vera Cruz, Todos Santos and the Sitúa (inspiration of 2 pieces, one where I dance, second where I created the choreographic concept.)


For my BA in Performing Arts,

I used the principles of  Tinku (means encounter, meeting in Quechua ancient language) to create a training program for performers, based on presence, relationship with the earth, encounter with the body, the partner and the audience. This training is called Tinkuy and I had given workshops about it in different places and contexts.


I am an artist/researcher.

The next step was the International master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage: “Choreomundus” investigates dance and other movement systems (ritual practices, martial arts, games and physical theatre) as Intangible Cultural Heritage within the broader contexts of Ethno-choreology, the Anthropology of Dance, Dance Studies, and Heritage Studies. 


During the studies, I researched diverse topics: Movement analyses of the piece “Kiss and Cry” by Van Dormael & de Mey, “The evolution of Tinku in South America”, “the importance of violence in societies”, “The hug as foundational gesture in kindergardens in France”, "The Lab. of transmission of dance with blind"  and my Masters thesis: “Warrior Body/Open Heart, a dance of Chreongsong’s immigrant wives” conducted in Sout Korea.


I am a Bolivian, married to an Italian who I met in Mexico, and we live toegether in Brussels.

Since I became a nomad and a migrant, this status conducted me to be in touch and meet different migrants too, and to understand, first from personal intimate perspective, and secondly, theoretically and analytically (from social sciences) the matter of Migration.